Get Involved

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Breaking Free Foundation, and we are always grateful for the support of our community.


Our monthly meet-ups in Calgary, Alberta are one of our most successful programs and one that we are very proud of. Members of the BFF team lead a group conversation about trauma and healing. Participate actively or simply as a listener, as these are safe spaces to connect with BFF and the greater trauma and healing community. Learn from other people’s experiences and watch as the magic of those “me too” moments unfold. Our twice-monthly meet-ups alternate locations, check each date for the specific location. Entry to BFF Meet-ups is FREE, but donations to BFF are always welcome. Updates about meet-ups can also be found on our Facebook page (be sure to subscribe to our updates).

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, November 7th | 7:00-8:30 pm | Hosted by Serenity Now Wellness | 1934 – 9 Avenue SE
  • Wednesday, November 12th | 7:00-8:30 pm |Hosted by The Commons | 1204 – 20 Ave SE
  • Wednesday, December 5th | 7:00-8:30 pm | Hosted by Serenity Now Wellness | 1934 – 9 Avenue SE
  • Wednesday, December 12th | 7:00-8:30 pm |Hosted by The Commons | 1204 – 20 Ave SE

Important: Breaking Free Foundation meet-ups are primarily volunteer-run, and while we provide a safe space for conversation to take place, we do not employ licensed therapists on staff, and therefore we cannot provide counseling to any participants before, during or after the meet-ups. We are there to facilitate a safe conversation, and share our own experiences. If you feel you need support following a meet-up or between our monthly events, we recommend reaching out to one of these great local organizations:

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Canadians must rally together to take a stand against the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and rape. Our first Victor Walk in 2013, was a huge success nationwide, and since then we have been working to keep the momentum high with the community we’ve built up together. A national movement powered by an Orange Wave of Courage, the Victor Walk will see Theo Fleury giving a voice to those who have been affected by trauma throughout their lifetimes. Supported by communities across the country, this Victor Walk is recognized as a national movement and is hoped to change the way Canadians understand the effects of childhood trauma.

Our 2019 agenda has yet to be determined. We would truly appreciate your support and involvement, so if you’re interested in coordinating or helping out with the Victor Walk in your city or town, please find more information on the Victor Walk website.


Our online shop is full of items from healing tools to BFF apparel, and your purchase of anything in our shop helps support our Therapy Grant Program and our other initiatives.